British vs Turks in First World War Mesopotamia

This game was played between Tom and Karl in mid-February 2022 using Principles of War rules. My thanks to Tom for the following account: -

The British gain the initiative and the Turks decide to deploy on the left hand side of the table with the two terrain objectives. They choose to deploy an Arab brigade supported by regular cavalry on their right to defend the hill and their line of supply. On the left bank the Turks deploy their regular Turkish brigade on their far left supported by their artillery with the second Arab infantry brigade to their left and the German infantry behind the date palm plantation.

The British choose to deploy their blinds on their left bank (facing the Arab infantry brigade and irregulars). They move on and deploy their artillery onto the hill on their side of the table to support their infantry attack. Their cavalry brigade moves up on their left to the river crossing in the centre. The C-in-C maintains his position on the river flotilla on the river. The first infantry brigade advances at full speed and reaches the centre of the table, but the other two brigades show little initiative and fall behind.

The Arab brigade on the Turkish right bank move forward and entrench their position between the date palms and the soft sand. The irregular mounted infantry sweep forward, revealing the two British blinds, then sweeping round bringing the British river flotilla under long range sniper fire. The regular cavalry move up and deploy either side of the ford. On their left the Turkish forces advance to cover their second hill, with the German brigade moving to occupy the date palm plantation.

The British 1st Brigade deploy and are forced to move through the gap between the soft sand (speed 3 and the date Palms). The British cavalry end up on the opposite side of the river facing off against the Turkish cavalry who suffer from the British cavalry’s supporting artillery.

Over the next few moves the British infantry brigades try to move through the gap between the soft sand and the date palms under heavy fire from a firing line of 6 Turkish and Arab infantry supported by 2 HMG companies. The Turks on the left hand side of the line, suffering heavily from the British supporting artillery, and several units being forced to retire to be replaced by the supporting line. The Turkish artillery fail in their attempt to suppress the British with counter battery fire.

The Turkish general manages to get a new order to the Arab brigade on the opposite side of the river. This officer takes three moves to accept this order and another three moves to form up and start to move to the river to support the mounted troops.

At the end of the game the Turks were holding their two objectives (60 points). The British hold their objective with their Artillery (30 points), their second objective (the ford) was disputed by the two cavalry brigades.