Another Napoleonic POW Battle

This game took place at Tom's house in early July 2022 with Neil C and Gordon also involved. The scenario took place in the 1809 campaign and featured forces from Austria and the Confederation of the Rhine. Once again, thanks to Tom for providing the following details: -

The Austrians moved their advanced guard forward to the hill on their right to hold their flank. In the centre one division was spotted and took several turns to deploy from march column. The second division advanced and took the crossroads and the village. The third division with the C-in-C were held in reserve. The Austrian cavalry division deployed on the left flank but a series of ones on the initiative dice delayed their attack.

The Rhine Confederation forces moved one division to hold the hill on their right flank and deployed behind the crest awaiting developments. On the left, one division moved forward and deployed next to the wood. The third division and the light cavalry division were held in reserve awaiting developments.

The Rhine Confederation general then began deploying their reserves, moving their third infantry division forward to attack the Austrians deployed in the buildings at the crossroads. The Austrian general then changed the advanced guard orders to attack the Rhine Confederation's left flank, which then triggered the Confederation general to move his cavalry reserve to counter the threat.

The two main areas of conflict were the repeated and failed Rhine Confederation attacks on the crossroads in the centre and the failed attacks of the Austrian advance guard Hussars on the Rhine Confederation left flank. One unit of Hussars was routed after two failed attacks on the German infantry squares. The second regiment of Hussars was routed by the German light cavalry division, after which the remains of the Austrian advance guard fell back on the hill and formed square to face the threat from the German cavalry.

The Austrian cavalry and infantry reserve moved forward to threaten the Rhine Confederation infantry division deployed on their right but the attack came too late and the game ended.

At the end of the battle the casualties were about even, but the Rhine Confederation were holding their one objective worth 25 points. The Austrians held the crossroads worth 25 points but, due to their delayed attack, failed to take the hill on the German right flank and so had a net zero points worth of objectives.

So in the end the game the Rhine Confederation took the game.