Another Franco-Prussian War Battle

Tom's Principles of War rules were used again in this game played in the first week of February 2023. Once more I am grateful to Tom for the following account: -

The French deny their left flank with their 1st Division and the Corps artillery are ordered to deploy on the front of the wooded hill on their right for the infantry to then advance to cover their front, leaving the artillery to cover the attack by the 2nd and 3rd Divisions. The 2nd and 3rd divisions are deployed on the far right and ordered to attack the hill on the Prussian left and then swing round to roll up the Prussian flank. They deploy the cavalry division on their left with orders to move forward to patrol the road at the centre of the table to delay any attacks on their left.

The Prussians have a wider deployment with the Bavarians deployed on the far left with orders to advance over the hill to their front and to swing round to the right to attack the French flank. They deploy a blind in the woods on the Bavarian's flank with the Prussian 1st Division and Corps artillery in the centre with orders to advance to attack the wooded hill on the French left. The 2nd Prussian Division form up on the right and also have orders to attack the wooded hill. They deploy their second blind on their far right.

The Prussians get the initiative. The Bavarians on the right advance over the hill to their front and then form up when they see the French masses advancing to their front. The blind in the wood moves forward but does not come out of the wood. The 1st Prussian division slowly works their way forward to the road. The 2nd Division on the right moves forward the T-junction and farm where they are halted by the French cavalry division. The blind continues to move forward on the right.

The French C-n-C moves forward with the 1st Division and forms up their grand battery on the wooded hill and starts a long range bombardment on the Bavarians. The French attack by the 2nd and 3rd divisions is delayed by poor initiative and trying to move two divisions through a limited space. On their left, the Cavalry Division makes it to the road and comes under cross fire from artillery attached to the Prussian 1st and 2nd divisions and although they loose over 50% casualties and their officer, their morale holds and they retire slowly as the Prussian 2nd Division follows them up.

In the centre the Prussian batteries pound the infantry from the French 1st Division, the 1st Regiment being wiped out, The infantry from the Prussian 1st Division slowly moves forward and get into a fire fight with the French 1st Division. On the French right their artillery hits the Bavarians hard, and when their infantry finally manage to deploy and bring their full fire to bear the Bavarian Division is destroyed with only their artillery and attached cavalry division managing to retire. After destroying the Bavarian Division the French wheel round to the right and, supported again by the grand battery, begin their attack on the flank of the 1st Prussian Division.

The battle was called to a halt at this point with the Prussians having lost their Bavarian Division and their 1st division about to collapse under the weight of fire from three French divisions, while their 2nd Division was isolated and unable to give support.

The game went, well the increased ground giving much more room for manoeuvre and making blinds, artillery and cavalry more effective.