An English Civil War Battle 

This 28mm game was played at the end of June in 2023. It took place at Tom's house and once again I must thank him for the report and pictures below.

This game was a 25mm English Civil War battle.

Rupert chose to concentrate both of his cavalry commands on the Royalist left, planning to overpower the Parliamentary cavalry on that flank and then to sweep round behind the Parliamentary infantry. The Royalist foot were ordered to move forward and hold the right, deploying their light artillery on the hill to use harrying fire against the Parliamentarians on their flank.

Fairfax positioned his infantry and artillery on the hill to the right of their centre with Cromwell on his right and the weaker cavalry on his left flank. The Parliamentarian's plan was to sweep round with Cromwell’s horse while holding the hill with the infantry and artillery while the cavalry on the left flank were to hold the fields to the left of the village.

With both the Parliamentary left and the Royalist right flanks denied, the Parliamentary cavalry stand off against the Royalist infantry, while suffering from long range harassing fire from the Royalist artillery. They do not suffer many casualties but suffer from repeated morale tests, constantly having to rally shaken units.

On the other flank, Rupert’s cavalry advances and Cromwell manages to get in the first charge, holding Rupert’s cavalry in check and forcing them back. The Northern Horse tries to move up in support of Rupert but harassing fire from the Parliamentary heavy artillery slows down them down. Repeated hits on Rupert and the Northern Horse leader further stalls the Royalist attack.

Finally, Rupert manages to rally his units and manages to rout Cromwell’s horse but by this time the Parliamentary foot had had time to redeploy so Rupert was forced to gather the remains of his mounted units and try to move them round to threaten the opposite Parliament flank. However, harassing fire from the Parliamentary heavy artillery causes several of the remaining horse to flee.

At the end of the game the Parliamentarians claim victory, as the Parliamentary Infantry wheel round to threated the Royalist Left flank.