AK47 - PPF vs Soviet Backed Government Forces

A game played at Tom's house in early May 2022

In this game of AK47, the Peoples Popular front take on the Soviet supported government forces. The PPF have two units of regulars each with two technicals (RCL/ HMG) and three Militia units each with one technical with HMG. In the political phase they fail to raise any additional militia but one regular unit gains two elements of infantry and also +3 movement during the game because of new training shoes.

The Soviet supported government forces have one regular armoured brigade with one modern tank and three HMGs mounted on APCs with six regular infantry. These are supported by two units of regulars and two units of militia. In the political phase the armoured brigade is not actively supporting the new government and is downgraded to militia but this is countered by the Soviets donating two tanks to upgrade one of the two regular infantry units.

In the game the government forces are on the defensive and get to deploy their two regular brigades on table. The brigade with the Soviet armour deploy on the village and crossroads in the centre of the table where the PPF objective (1pt) is deployed. The second regular brigade is deploys on the hill to their far left on the PPF primary objective (3pts.)

In the first turn the PPF deploy their two regular units next to their primary objective (3pts) with a unit of militia deployed on their left to occupy the palm grove and protect the flank of the regulars. In the first move the concentrated firepower from the two PPF regular brigades wipe out the government regular infantry battalion on their primary objective. In the following moves the PPF regulars consolidate their position on their primary objective and their technicals bring the second government brigade in the village under long range fire.

A government tank moves round the village and exchanges fire with one of the PPF RCL technicals and both are eliminated. The remaining government tank takes log range pot shots at the PPF forces.

One unit of government militia enters the table on the road on their right to be followed by a PPF militia unit deploying on the road in the corner. These two units get into a fire fight and after two moves the government militia are forced to retire. The second militia unit arrives in the centre of the table and moves up in support of the regulars in the village. And the last unit of PPF militia arrive on the road behind their primary (3pt) objective.

The long range fire from several PPF technicals and their militia in the palm grove finally breaks the moral of the government regulars in the village and the game ends, the disgruntled government armoured unit never having arrived.