AK47 - PPF vs Colonial Settlers

A game played at Tom's house in late April 2022. I think they were using the first edition of the AK47 rules.

An AK47 battle in which the Peoples' Popular Front are facing off against the Colonial Settlers.

The Colonial Settlers have two armoured units each with one modern tank, two APC’s, 7 infantry and one HMG. These are backed up by three units of militia each with 6 infantry and one HMG. In the political phase the Settlers declare UDI and get to upgrade one of their regular armoured units to professional.

The Peoples' Popular front have two regular infantry units each with 9 infantry and 2 HMG’s, They are supported by two militia units each with 9 infantry and 2 HMG’s and 5 Technicals with a mix of RCL’s and HMG’s. In their political phase they whip up dissent against the existing regime and get 100 points of militia infantry (14 elements) added to one of their units, then issue 'a Peoples Manifesto for land reform and get a modern armoured car added to one of their two regular units.

The Colonial Settlers get to attack and deploy their objectives. The first is on the crossroads (2) the second is in the Brush next to the Crossroads (3) and the third is on the hill behind the brush. The Peoples' Popular Front get to deploy their two regular units and one militia unit on the table. The militia ‘hide’ in the brush on the 2nd objective token, the two regular units ‘hide’ in the other two areas of brush. (with the armoured car deploying behind the far brush next to their attached infantry). The Colonists get to deploy both armoured units and one militia on table, all of which are deployed behind the hill with objective three.

Over the first moves the Colonists' advance over the hill with objective three leaving their militia to defend the hill while the two armoured units advance on the brush containing the PPF militia unit, debus their infantry and move into brush to attack the militia. The PPF Militia get into a massive fire fight with the two dismounted armoured units and, due to very lucky moral tests, manage to hold their position. The PPF armoured car moves out from behind the brush and engages the Colonialists' regular tank and the both end up destroyed. Eventually, the Colonialist regular unit breaks as does the PPF militia unit, but not before the PPF regular infantry move in to the bush and surround the remaining professional armoured infantry.

The regulars get another unit of militia arriving from reserve and then come on and move up to support their fellow militia on the hill with objective three. The large PPF militia unit finally arrives on the road behind the hill with objective three and moves into the attack. The fight with the two Colonialist militia units degrades into a stalemate with both sides getting low ammunition results.

The third Colonial militia and the PPF Technicals arrive on table only for the game to end before they get to move.

Thanks to the heroic stoicism of the PPF Militia unit the PPF end up holding the objective on the Crossroads (2pts) and the objective in the brush (3pts) meaning they got the overall victory.