AK47 - Colonists vs People's Liberation Front

In mid January 2022, Tom played Karl in another modern colonial skirmish. Thanks once again to Tom for the pictures and account that follows.

The Popular Front have the initiative and in the political phase they fail to get to +100 points of militia but one militia unit from the Colonist forces is drawn away from the battle to defend a threatened position. The Colonists declare unilateral independence and get one of their militia forces upgraded to regular status.

The Liberation Front put the objectives on the two clear hills and the crossroads. The Colonists get their two regular armoured units on the table at the start of the game and choose to deploy the first on the crossroads (10 Points) and the second on the hill on their side of the table (20 points). The Popular front move onto the table with their regular Technicals (3*RCL & 2*HMG) and regular infantry with the hill and the third objective (30pts) between them and the Colonists at the crossroads. The second regular infantry then deploy behind the thick scrub on the other side of the road threatening the crossroads from the other side.

The Popular Front units move forward to occupy the hill and the scrub with the Technicals moving round the hill to threaten the crossroads. In the next turn the first unit of Popular Front militia deploy across the road between the two regular units and the regulars continue to move up occupying the hill. There is some sporadic firing between the Popular Front unit on the hill and the Colonist armoured unit at the crossroads. Over the next two moves the four Popular Front units move up to the crossroads bringing the armoured unit under a heavy fire with the RCL’s knocking out the tank with their first shot. The armoured unit fails three morale tests and retires from the game leaving the Popular Front in control of the crossroads.

In the next turn the first Colonist reserves (regular infantry) arrive in the corner of the table behind the remaining armoured unit to support them. The Popular Front get their final reserves who deploy on the road behind the armoured unit as the Popular Front infantry move out of the scrub to threaten the armoured company from the front while the Technicals move round the oasis to threaten the armoured unit from the side.

One Popular Front consolidates its position on the 30pt hill while their first militia form up on the crossroads with their two HMG’s in a position to fire at the armoured infantry on the hill next move. The last Colonist reinforcements arrive on the corner of the table behind the hill. The Popular Front militia and Colonial armoured unit get into a heavy fire fight, the militia unit suffering three dead and failing two morale tests, the armoured unit loosing one dead and one pinned and failing one morale test.

The following move the Popular Front move back to get away from the heavy fire and the dead bodies but another round of fire kills another of them and they fail their final morale test. But this move the other Popular Front units have moved up and bring the armoured infantry under heavy fire from 6 HMG’s and 3 RCL’s while the last unit of regulars move up to the hill. In the ensuing fire fight the advancing Popular Front regulars suffer 4 pins and fail one morale test but the Colonial armoured unit looses one KO’d tank, 3 dead and two pins which together with their previous losses leave them requiring a double six to survive their two morale tests.

The game ends as the last Colonist armoured unit looses its last moral test and flees.