A Western Gunfight

"Bringing back the old times with a fun western gunfight game and a couple of pints" was how Tom described the following game, played at his house in late November 2022.

A gunfight at Granville and Sons Hardware store. The outlaws involved were: -

Black Jack Ketchum’s Gang. - William McWaters, Charles Sims and John B. Jones.

Clayton Alison’s Gang - Andy Mather, The Kid, and Bob Ollinger

The two gangs arrive in town and advance up the high street. Clayton sends Andy Mather up onto the balcony of the Saddlesaw Saloon to use his carbine to give supporting fire while the rest of the group move behind the Hardware store. Bob Ollinger attempts to fire his carbine at the Black Jack gang but misfires. His attempted shot spooks the hardware store owner who dives back into his shop.

The Blackjack gang moves into cover behind the Bank, John B. Jones moves over to a building behind the Bank to take pot shots at the opposing gang. Charles Sims advances up the street past the Bank to the hardware store, Bob Ollinger appears round the corner of the hardware store but Charles sees him and gets off a shot, causing a wound and making Bob duck back behind the hardware store. Black Jack moves round behind the Bank but disturbs a slumbering Mexican who jumps up and draws his gun. Black Jack manages to get his shot off first but misses. The Mexican gets a shot off causing eight wounds to Black Jack, however, he manages to recover and shoots the Mexican.

In the ensuing firefight there are lots of bullets hitting woodwork and characters ducking back. Charles Sims moves round the corner of the hardware store to attempt to finish off Bob Hollinger but misses. When Andy Mather draws a bead on him from the balcony he jumps back and takes cover in the hardware store. Clayton Alison takes the opportunity to move to the side window of the hardware store and take a shot at Charles who is hit and ducks back behind cover in the store. The store owner takes offence at this and takes a shot at the window wounding Clayton Alison and causing him to duck back.

Charles Sims moves up the street around the other side of the hardware store and tries to take a shot at the Kid who manages to react and gets the first shot off, killing Charles stone dead. Black Jack also tries to take a shot at the Kid who reacts again, forcing Black Jack to duck back. The Kid in his own activation then takes a shot at John Jones and forces him to duck back.

Black Jack decides to try and push the fight and moves round the rear of the Bank towards the yard at the back of the hardware store, The Kid gets a shot off and hits Black Jack's boot heel through the fence and causes him to duck behind the fence. In the ensuing fight, Clayton Alison tries to get a shot off against Black Jack but Black Jack gets off the first shot and hits Clayton and he is KO’d. William McWaters on the saloon balcony tries to shoot Black Jack but instead he permanently jams his carbine.

In the following move, having lost their gang leader, both Andy Mather and the Kid fail their ‘Cut Your Losses’ test and run for the hills. Charles Sims moves out of the hardware store to finish off Bob Ollinger while he was still trying to recover from his wound but a jammed pistol and an unloaded shotgun means he fails. Bob finally recovers and discovering he is the only gang member still on table fails his ‘Cut Your Losses’ test and runs off.

So, after a poor start, Black Jack Ketchum’s Gang end up in control of the town.