A Crimean War Battle using POW

This 25mm scale game at Tom's house was played at the end of March 2023. My thanks to him for the words and pictures below.

In today’s game two divisions of British are fighting two divisions of Russians.

The Russians deploy their three infantry brigades on their right and centre with two brigades (16 battalions) to advance to take the central hill with the 3rd Brigade (8 battalions & light infantry) advancing from the line of supply on the far right to advance parallel to the wood. Their two cavalry brigades (Dragoons & Cossacks) deploy on the far left with orders to advance between the marsh and the buildings to hold the a line in the centre of the table.

On the British side the 1st Division is deployed on the left with the rifle units and one brigade with orders to advance through the woods and then move to take the hill by the Russian line of supply. The 2nd Brigade with divisional artillery has orders to engage forward to the centre line. In the centre the British deploy two cavalry regiments in the centre with orders to move and hold the hill. The 2nd Division forms up on the right with the Guards to the left of the hill, the divisional artillery on the hill and the 2nd Infantry Brigade to the right of the hill.

In the game the Russian cavalry on the left are slowly pushed back by repeated charges from a unit of British light cavalry as the infantry division slowly pushes forward supported by the divisional artillery. In the centre, the Guards Brigade come under long range fire from the Russian artillery while the Russian light infantry occupy the buildings. The Russian infantry brigade moves slowly forward over the hill. When the Russians realise the British centre is weak, they change the infantry brigades order to push them over the hill and attack the British line of supply. This leads the Russian brigade to attack the Guards Brigade.

On the Russian right the 1st Infantry Brigade moves forward in two lines. The first line attacks the British infantry brigade to their front and pushes them back. The second line moves forward but then forms up and attacks the British infantry brigade and rifles appearing out of the woods but get shot to pieces and are all routed. The British then reform ready to move forward to take the hill now only held by the Russian divisional artillery and threaten the unprotected Russian line of supply.

In the centre the British cavalry brigade (2 regiments) supported by the 1st Division's artillery manages to delay the advance of the two Russian infantry infantry brigades by repeated charges.

At the end of the game the British only held one objective and had lost the two other objectives (a net -30 points) The Russians held both of their objectives (75points) So the Russians achieved a major victory despite heavy losses.