A Battle of the 1809 Campaign with POW

A game fought at Tom's house in November 2022 using his own Principles of War rules

In this game, a PoW Napoleonics set in 1809, it was 100 points per side on a 8ft by 4ft table. A French corps and a Rhine Confederation corps are facing two corps of Austrians. The Austrians win the initiative but decide to fight a set piece battle and hand the initiative to the Allies (French & Rhine Confederation). The French deploy on the Allied right and choose to hold their right with a heavy cavalry division while moving their two infantry and light cavalry division to hold the hill in the centre (15pts) and to focus their attack on the built up area in the Austrian centre (35pts).

The Rhine Confederation advances one infantry division in the centre to hold the central hill (25pts) and to pin the Austrians ready for the main French thrust. The other infantry division and light cavalry division form up on the left to hold the second hill (25pts) and to threaten the hill on the Austrian right.

The Austrian 1st Corps and C-in-C hold the Austrian right, positioned on the hill on the far right (25pts) with a heavy cavalry division and an infantry division. The Grenadier reserve division are told to hold the built up area (25pts) with the advance guard division acting as the link between the two objectives. The remaining infantry division forms up on the left of the Grenadiers to link up with the Austrian 2nd Corps. The Austrian 2nd Corps deploy their light division and an infantry division on their far left to hold the hill (25pts). The second infantry division is holding the centre supported by a light cavalry division.

The game starts with the French 2nd infantry division rushing forward as fast as it can to the centre of the table only to be immediately charged by two brigades of Austrian light cavalry, One infantry regiment manages to form square and stands off the cavalry but the second regiment shakes and gets caught. This fight goes on for the whole game with the infantry being slowly pushed back. On the far right there is a Mexican stand off with the French heavy cavalry division and the Austrian light and line divisions.

The Germans advance to take their objectives and then move forward to pin their Austrian opponents, ready for the French attack in the centre. With some heavy fighting the French finally manage to breach the Austrian centre but do not have the time to break into the built up area.

At the end of the game the Allies have 30 objective points against the Austrian 75 points with casualties about even. The Allies out-planned and out-manoeuvred the Austrians but their plan was delayed, they ran out of time and did not manage to take their main objective. In the game the Austrians rolled a record number of ‘6’s for their artillery causing almost as much strength loss to themselves as they did to the enemy. The positive point was that the Germans lost two units from artillery fire due to them rolling ‘20’s on their morale tests.