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A full time painting service for tabletop miniatures

We as tabletop gamers are magpies by nature and have a tendency to accrue large collections, guilty as charged! Driven by new and exciting ranges of miniatures, or that new rule set that everybody is playing! So rather than let armies gather dust unloved let Hardline Miniatures help and turn those unpainted figures into heroic armies fit for any tabletop.

The above quote, taken from the Hardline Miniatures website, perfectly sums up the dilemma of the wargamer - what to do with the unpainted lead mountain that so many of us acquire over the years - and also offers an excellent solution. Vlad, the owner of Hardline Miniatures, has been gaming at the club for many years, playing everything from WWII, ACW, and Napoleonic naval to fantasy and sci-fi. I have seen many examples of the skill and precision he brings to his figure painting and there are several members who have placed commissions that can vouch for the quality of his work. Here is Vlad to tell you a little more about himself and the services he provides: -

Hardline Miniatures was born out of a lifelong passion for wargaming and modelling.This, combined with being a qualified and time served watchmaker and being skilled in intricate detail, paved the way to making the step out of working on my own miniatures to providing customers with a painting service that offers a wide range of options.

I work with all scales and a wide range of genres; Historical, from ancients through to modern. Science fiction and all it encompasses, military vehicles (air land and sea), and all that lies between, be it factual or fantasy based.

In its infancy Hardline Miniatrues began as a casting project, creating scenery for my own tabletop, and testing the waters to see if this would work commercially. With a nudge from friends and family I soon recognised that this could reach far wider and that focussing on painitng was the right direction in which to take the business.

I can take on all sizes of project , whether it be small, one off commisions or full armies for grand scale wargaming. I can offer advice and support on getting the right figures, historical detail and uniform colours, through to construction of figures or scale models ready for painting. I can offer support with projects that perhaps have not gone as planned and need deconstruction and cleaning up to take forward as well as stripping old paint to replace with correct detail or colour scheme.

I am all about the quality, offering a strong level of finish for tabletop but in doing so also strive to keep my prices fair and realistic. If required I can also base figures ready to hit the table as soon as they are unpacked from the box.

If you are in the planning stages of your next project but wondering if you can dedicate the time required to it, or have reservations about painting for yourself please drop me a message and we can discuss the options available to you. I am UK based and international clients are most welcome.

Vlad Seabrook Smith

Hardline Miniatures

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