The Norwegian Army in the Great Northern War
This page gives details of the Norwegian army during the Great Northern War. The army consisted of 8, later 9, infantry regiments, 1 Horse regiment, 2 Dragoon regiments and assorted militia and garrison units. The Norwegian army was part of the Danish army, but it had no obligation to serve outside Norway and maintained it's own organisation. It consisted of a small number of permenant,"hvervede", units and a larger number of regionally based "national" units.


There were 8 regiments of infantry in the army and later a 9th regiment was added. 2 of these regiments were 'hvervede' the others were 'national'. The two 'hvervede' regiments had 8 musketeer companies of 100 and 1 grenadier company of 110 men, organised into 2 battalions. The six original 'national' regiments had 9 companies, except the Trondhjemske regiment which had 10, of varying size organised into 3 battalions. A further regiment, Trondhjemske, of unknown organisation of size was raised later on. The following total sizes are recorded.


Gyldenloves - 922 men, Hausmanns - 922 men.


Agershusiske - 1457 men, Smaalenske - 1466 men, Oplandske - 1234 men, Vesterlenske - 1429 men, Bergenhusiske - 1495, Trondhjemske - 2178.


The Norwegian army had 3 units of cavalry at this time, the Rytterregiment Sehested a Horse unit, the Folckersam Dragonregiment and the Nordefjeldske Dragoner. Four of the companies of the Folckersam Dragoons were 'hvervede', all the others were 'national'. The Horse regiment had 8 companies of 71 men, for a regimental total of 574 men. While the two Dragoon regiments each had 10 companies of 108 men for a total of 1102 per regiment.