Photo's of a Great Northern War Game

On this page I have put some excellent photographs of some Great Northern War games. The figures were painted, terrain made and the game staged by Ian Cluskey and Keith Gendle of the Humberside Wargames Society. I think you will agree they made a good job of it. I thank them for giving me permission to bring these excellent pictures to you.

The games were fought using the Polemos: Great Northern War rules. These rules are part of a series of rules for large scale actions with any scaleof figures.

Pictures from 3 battles are featured here.

A General Engagement: See below.

The Battle of Poltava (1709): See Poltava Pictures 1 and Poltava Pictures 2

The Battle of Gemauerthof (1705): See Gemauerthof

In this battle the two players commanded substantial armies. The Swedes had 16 infantry battalions and the same number of cavalry bases, a cavalry base is 2 or 3 squadrons. The Russian player had 36 or more infantry battalions and 22 cavalry bases.

There are some notes in the white boxes in the pictures. To view these, or to take a better look at the excellent pictures, click on the picture to go to the full size view. On the full size view clicking on the picture will bring you back here. Be warned that the pictures are large and may take a while to load.

The figures are all from the excellent ranges of Baccus Miniatures - yes they are 6mm!!! They show what can be achieved with this scale and how this scale can capture the feel of a real battle. Of course it helps if you have talented painters, organisers and players like Ian and Keith.

Please feel free to ask questions, make comments, criticisms, etc - please contact me. I will pass comments on to the games creators.

Initial Deloyment (1)

Initial Deployment (2)

Cossacks advancing across a stream

The Cossacks use the wood to cover their advance

Lurking Cossacks!

The Cossacks attack

A close up of the Cossack attack

The Russian centre advances

Russian Cavalry

The Swedish cavalry move in for the kill

A rare Russian cavalry success

A closing shot of the end game